Our company has a modern, technological and innovative base for performing the most difficult tasks with the highest quality and the shortest possible time.

GPS receivers: Spectra Geospatial SP85_ 600 channel Trimble R10, Trimble R8S, Trimble R2, S-Max GEO

Digital levels: Leica LS15, Leica LS10, Leica DNA03.

Optical levels: Leica NA720, Leica NA724, Leica NA730.

Geodetic satellite equipment GPS S-Max GEO

Tacheometers: Leica TS06, Leica TS09, Leica TS11, Leica TS1102.

Vivax-Metrotech line locator

Equipment and technology that we have

"SSG Industries" has a Mobile Drilling Unit PBU-2-119A on the KamAZ-43114 (6x6) chassis.
This technique allows:

  • Drill wells with augers. The hole diameter is up to 400 mm
  • Drill pits with a diameter of up to 850 mm
  • To make wells by shock-rotary method, diameter — up to 250 mm
  • To make wells with flushing and blowing. Diameter is up to 190.5 mm
  • Drill dry wells, diameter up to 151 mm
  • Probe the ground for observation or later study

And also we have Toyota Hilux and Lada Niva vehicles.