10 years of practice and participation in various projects of RoK western region allows us to collect unique experience.

Reference list for the last 3 years.

CustomerProject nameDescription
of the services
2020TCOBurn pit construction on Well 55-1/2Topographic and
geological survey.
2020TCOT-104 Construction and mechanical works for Wells workoverTopographic and
geological survey.
2020TCOAbove ground upgrade of T-0014Engineering and geodetic studies.
2020TCOT-318R flow line upgradeEngineering and geodetic survey.
2020TCOТ-5642. Geo-Environment Prediction UnitEngineering and geodetic survey.
2020TCOT-4956. Site preparation and completionEngineering and geodetic survey.
2020TCOТ-0072R. Site preparation
and modification of flow line
Engineering and geodetic survey.
2020TCOT-4242. Well site preparationTopographic and
geological studies.
2020TCOBP-20,21,22. Well site preparationEngineering and geodetic studies.
2020TCOT-4660. Well site preparationEngineering and geodetic survey.
2020TCOPS10-1. Well site preparationEngineering and geodetic survey.
2019Akimat of
Kulsary city
Kulsary city. Street lighting reconstruction. 68 km.Engineering and geodetic survey.
2019Akimat of Atobe cityAktobe city, Batys-2 neighborhood. Clinic construction, survey and construction
of 3-dimensional model.
Engineering and geodetic survey.
2017 - 2018INDCOM
Engineering LLP
INDCOM Engineering LLP. Engineering and geodetic support for the Industrial base.Engineering and geodetic survey.